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Pivo VidCon Pack

Pivo VidCon Pack

Prix habituel $359.99 USD
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Includes: Pivo Pod, Tripod, Smart Mount, Magnetic Mount, Smart Video Light, Travel Case Mini, Studio 360, Remote Control

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Pivo VidCon Pack
$359.99 USD
No videographer? No problem.
Pivo Pod is your personal AI camera crew that helps you to capture videos and photos of yourself. With powerful app-driven motion tracking and easy-to-learn editing modes, creating solo has never been so easy.

Stay in frame,
focus on creating.

Pivo tracks your movement and keeps you in the shot. Switch seamlessly between Face and Body Tracking to create videos that are more dynamic and engaging.

Stay in frame,
focus on creating.


Keep your filming on track.

Need to record yourself while you work? Want to capture in a crowded place, or get more people in the shot? With Lock-On Tracking, Pivo will track you or a specified target no matter what else is happening in the scene.

360 degrees of creative freedom.

Pivo Pod rotates 360° in either direction, giving you the freedom to move without worrying about stepping out of frame.

360 degrees of creative freedom.


Shoot better
solo b-roll.

Easily capture stunning panning shots. Just set the direction, rotation, and speed. Then sit back and watch Pivo work it's magic. You’ll have buttery smooth b-roll in no time.

Shoot better
solo b-roll.

Tap into your creative side.
Create epic edits with just a few taps — no expertise needed.

Motion Timelapse

Record next-level timelapses that move!

Tiny Planet

Capture your whole world with a tap.


Shoot stunning panoramas, completely hands free.

AI is here to help.

4X Auto Zoom

Smooth, seamless, dynamic framing of your videos.


Relax, Pivo keeps you in the correct on-screen position.

Predictive Follow

Pivo knows how to find you if you step out of frame.

Target Exposure

Even exposure in different lighting conditions.


The all-in-one with everything you need.

Compact, versatile, and travel-friendly. The Pivo Pod Solo Creator Edition setup is easily adjustable, making it quick and simple to switch out accessories to suit your needs.

Let your creativity shine.

Pivo Smart Video Light is a compact yet powerful LED light for creators who want to take their content to the next level. Use it as a standalone product or with the Pivo+ app.


Maximum brightness of 206 lux and 3 brightness modes. A compact light that delivers big wows in any environment.

Color Temperature

Adjust the color temperature between 3,500 K and 6,500 K. Combine it with the provided diffuser for flawless skin tones.


Lights, Camera, Studio 360 .

The Pivo lightbox provides the proper lighting and housing necessary to shoot professional quality product shots from wherever you like.

Spin into the spotlight. Use the turntable to get steady, 360° views of every product.

From the physical world to the digital world. Share your product on every platform. From social media to ecommerce sites, stand out with imagery that leaves an impression.


Capture new angles.

Pivo mounts provide added flexibility to capture a variety of angles. Just screw on and start creating.

Smart Mount

Capture a variety of angles with added flexibility. Tilt 25° forwards and 90° backwards to get the best shot.

Magnetic Mount

A powerful magnet to keep your phone securely in place. The flexibility to capture more exciting angles. And MagSafe compatibility for a convenient, seamless experience. Pivo Magnetic Mount is an easy-to-use smartphone mount that lets you work, play, and create in a snap.


Elevate your shot.

Lightweight and reliable, with a telescopic neck that extends up to a height of 5.19 ft/160 cm — an essential tool for solo creators.

Creative power at your fingertips.

Pivo's powerful apps make it easy to create, edit, and share your content in just a few taps.

Join 300,000+ creators.